Serious Social Distancing


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Ever since March 13, there has been a lot of talk about social distancing. But is anyone really taking it seriously? We have high school seniors who want to make their last year of high school the best. We have those college students down in Florida on the beach trying to enjoy their spring break. In reality, that is doing more harm than good. Although it takes time for results to generate, social distancing does work. Right now, social distancing is slowing down the transmission of the coronavirus. This will allow health care systems to have some time to ramp up the capacity to respond to the pandemic. Right now, the United States is still comparatively in the early stages of this pandemic, so it is critical to stay away from people as much as possible. China’s first cases appeared in early December; although the cases are still increasing, they are only increasing by a few cases per day. The first case in the United States was identified in mid-January. According to the CDC, as of March 25, 2020, the United States is at 54,453 cases and 737 deaths. Within the last few days, more testing has become available for people, so although the number of cases is climbing, testing is climbing as well. Lincoln High School senior, Nora Cunningham, has had to make a very big change in her life since Governor Gina Raimondo put social distancing into place along with distance learning. She is one of those high school students that is taking social distancing seriously. For the last two weeks, she has spent almost all of her time in her house, primarily her room. Occasionally, she has gone on walks around her neighborhood with her mom but other than that are running some errands, she has not left her house. For the past two weeks, other than her family, she has come into contact with three other people. One person was at a pool supply store, one was at a Dunkin’ and the third one was when she went to pick her band instrument up from someone’s house. Nora believes that within the next two weeks, things will start becoming more and more strict on things including laws regarding leaving our homes. In just twenty-four hours we went from no limit on how many people could be in stores to know having a limit. She thinks that we will get to a position where only one person can leave a house at a time by the middle of April. At first, college and high school students were not taking the virus seriously, but over time Nora thinks that had changed. She understands that they are still having a difficult time not being able to see their friends or leave their hour and having their lives completely changed but we are all learning how to make the best out of the situation. Another Lincoln High School senior, Ben Goho, has also had to make a very big change in his life. Ben has been taking this situation as seriously as possible. He has left his house but only to go for runs or walks, or work. He has only seen two of his friends but for short amounts of time. For the last two weeks, he has solely been in his house and has not really left his room. He has only left the house for work and for food. Since the outbreak, he has come in contact with one person at work and one person who stopped by his house to say hello for a brief moment. For the coming weeks, Ben is not really sure what to expect. He hopes it will start getting better but he doubts anything will ease up. As for college and high school students, Ben feels like they started by not caring at first and living their lives normally but are now starting to realize how serious this is and starting to care more. Everyone understands that you do not want to just stay in your house for the next two weeks. But in order to get everything under control and to not make matters worse, that is what we might have to do in the coming days to weeks. So really, think about it. Would you rather have the fun now and be locked in the house all summer or stay locked in your house now for only a few weeks and get to have an amazing summer?