How Lincoln Public Schools Aid Students in the Virtual Learning Process


The unforeseen news that we got on Friday the 13th hit us all differently. For a lot of students, they saw the two weeks’ vacation. But for others, it was the worst news. Lots of families in Lincoln are fortunate to have warm houses, food, and the internet. But for some students, school was a safe place whether they liked it or not. It was the one place they could find comforting surroundings a warm meal. Luckily, the town of Lincoln and the community surrounding us have worked hard to make sure that those necessities are still available. For those students who do not have access to a computer of any sort, Lincoln Public Schools loaned out the school chromebooks. Anyone who needed one, was allowed one. A parent or guardian was required to fill out a form and sign an agreement at the site of pickup. For many families, this was a huge stress reliever knowing they would not have to come up with the money to buy their students laptops or deal with multiple kids fighting over one device. With the cost of internet bills, there is also a good chance that a lot of students do not have access to wifi. Although Lincoln can not do much about that, Cox Communications can. They are willing to assist families during this weird time through their program called Connect2Compete. This was able to give many students and families free internet for 30 days. Hopefully, we will all return to schools before that 30 days are up. The most important of all is school lunch. Chartwells Food Service is helping our community by donating boxed lunches and breakfast between the hours of noon and one. They are taking time out of their day to stand in the high school’s rear parking lot and provide a drive through regardless of weather. They will be doing this until we return to school to ensure everyone is receiving nourishment. In addition to all these amazing services, the guidance counselors and staff of psychologists are available through email and more than willing to help us all out. If you were unaware of all these services, I highly recommend you look into them more and you can always email Mr.Mezzanotte ([email protected]) for more information. Or call the high school at 401-334-7500. It is truly inspiring to see what a community can pull together in such a time.