Governor Raimondo 3/24 Press Conference Summary

During her press conference on Tuesday, March 24, Governor Gina Raimondo addressed the postponed primary, results from the first day of distance learning, options for child care, and more: While this has been publically known for a few days, the Governor finally announced during the press conference that the presidential primary in Rhode Island will be postponed. The primary, originally scheduled to occur in April, is now planned to occur on June Second. Additionally, she claimed that it will mostly be a mail-in ballot election; although she did not announce any additional information regarding how exactly it will function. Raimondo also had many proud words to say regarding the first day of state-wide distance learning. That being said, she did say that “there are many kinks in the system to work out, we aren’t pretending there aren’t.” The Governor has been in meetings with superintendents, teachers, and principals, discussing ways to further improve distance learning. As always, she carries her now signature motto of “we will be better tomorrow and the next day than we are today.” What the Governor spent most of the press conference talking about was her administration’s continued effort to expand child care. Notably, she has been working with and has secured a 90 day free premium service for child and elderly care for people in the state. Raimondo also recommended that people consider the website if they are looking to volunteer, and potentially as a supplement for current unemployment. Also, in an attempt to alleviate the burden of child care for people currently working in hospitals, the Governor is working with several child care facilities to provide their services exclusively to children of first responders, hospital workers, and other people in the health field. The number of cases of COVID-19 continue to increase in the state. Since yesterday, 18 new cases have been reported, raising the total of 124. The people who have contracted the disease have included people of all age groups and both sexes. Despite this increase of cases causing increased fears, Gina Raimondo is still wanting to hold back on taking serious shelter in place measures, like those implemented by some countries and places in the United States. “I don’t want to go there,” Raimondo says..