Coronavirus; I am Terrified

Whether it’s staggering death tolls, new tips on how to stay healthy, or political concerns, the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken over every person’s life within a few months. In the beginning, it was ‘nothing to worry about’. Then, the dominos all began to fall in a rapidly deadly domino effect. It began to rapidly spread and take lives in staggering numbers. Concerts and sports were postponed, restaurants shut down, and hospitals were overwhelmed. Suddenly, going outside was no longer an option and grocery shopping became a full-on frenzy. Within our own community, teenagers are afraid that instead of parties, graduations, and school dances, we will be stuck inside our homes. LHS seniors are heartbroken at the idea that prom and graduation may not happen, and their last year won’t end with a bang. Even if some would say that these are not the issues we should be concerned with, I feel horrible for the seniors. How must it feel to have your senior year stolen from you? The year so many of us dream about ending silently, without parties, prom, a last day of school, a graduation, a chance to say goodbye. Furthermore, the virus has become local in recent weeks. I was shocked when my mom told me that a student from Cranston West contracted the disease. This scared me because I know kids from Cranston West. I had seen them just last week. It was at that moment that I realized how easily it could be spread from just one person. If one of my friends from West got it, who then gave it to me, our entire school would be at risk. That’s terrifying to me. Besides school events being cancelled, outside events are also being postponed. Soccer, something I always took for granted, has now been postponed until April 29th. I can no longer just go out to dinner with my friends or see my extended family. The loss of normalcy only adds to the anxiety so many are feeling. Despite all the fear, I try to remain positive. I wash my hands and continue to go outside to run and get exercise rather than succumbing to cabin fever. I talk to my friends over snapchat and call my grandparents. I hope that this will all be over soon but refuse to allow it to take over my life. It will get better.