Self-Defense Center

As bullying in schools tend to rapidly grow every year, a gym teacher at Lincoln High School, Mr. Michael Orsini has a plan to swoop in, and be the everyday hero to these kid’s lives. Whether it is asking how your day is going, or simply just saying hello, Mr. Orsini is in the constructed filled hallways, spreading his cheer. His mission is to help and touch every kid he meets. When Mr.Orsini was just nine years old, he was heavily influenced by his instructor at the Self-Defense Center in Rhode Island. “[My instructor] kept me on the straight path… he is a positive influence and mentor in my life,” said Mr. Orsini.” From there, Orsini was persuaded by his instructor to stay at the same dojo till this day. His instructor had retired around eleven years ago, which caused Mr. Orsini to take over the whole organization. On August 8, 2019, Mr. Orsini decided to take a big leap into helping the children and teens that want to learn to defend themselves, either from bullies, or in general from the cruel world. He held a free self-defense class. Orsini understands that money can get tight, and also some kids just might not enjoy his class. So, holding a free lesson provides a chance for people to get the opportunities they deserve, along with dipping in their toes to a new experience. Like Mr. Orsini, one of these kids could end up falling in love with this subject, and following in his footsteps. He faces children and teens who have self-esteem issues, are victims of bullying, and harassment. Orsini wants to take action to help young kids feel safe and aware of their surroundings, and what to do when in a certain situation. For example, they learn what to do when in danger or if they come face to face with a weapon. Talking with Orsini, the passion radiates off of his face, “I feel like it’s up to the people to help each other in order to keep our society great,” he says. The world is a cruel place, and Mr. Orsini wants to make his mark on the world. He also talks about how holding a free self-defense class is something he is and plans to do regularly, “I am doing one next month actually,” Mr. Orsini says. Mr. Orsini encourages his students in the school environment to attend his class next month. A good friend of his was diagnosed with breast cancer, so donations, which are not required, are greatly accepted to help a cause that is close to home. This is out of Mr. Orsini’s free time, and the goodness of his heart. Lincoln High School pushes each student to “Rise up” every single day. With rising up to the bullying and facing the conflict. It is important to have people in ones life that you can trust and go to if needed. Mr. Orsnini is always there for the people around him, to help make our world a better place. Trying something new, like attending a free self defense class could be an enjoyable experience for people of all ages.