Iowa Caucus


Set to begin next Tuesday, February 4th, the first of the primary elections is the Iowa Caucus. The differing factor between this caucus and the one in 2016, is that only Democrat candidates will be on the ballots. It should also be mentioned that there will be more candidates for the Democrat ballot this time around than in 2016, with presidential hopefuls like Joe Biden of Delaware and Bernie Sanders of Vermont leading the pack. As of the moment, Bernie Sanders is leading in a 4-2 majority of all the major polls for the state, which is bad news if you are a more moderate Democrat. Bernie Sanders tends to propose more radical Democrat ideals, such as free college and healthcare which can be a turn off for the moderate vote. The moderate vote is one that is essential to winning the general election. Joe Biden on the other hand, would have more of a chance at winning the general election, due to his more moderate leaning views such as paid leave and raising the national minimum wage. All of these stances and more could yield a more successful run against the incumbent President Donald Trump, in November. Other candidates such as Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and billionaire Michael Bloomberg, fall down closer to the third and fourth place of this race, and have plenty of outlandish views that repel not only moderates, but voters all across the political spectrum. Elizabeth Warren for example, is already looked at under a lense of scrutiny due to her false claims of having a Native American heritage. On the other hand, Michael Bloomberg looks to place heavy limitations on the gun lobby and proposed a health care plan eerily similar to that of front runner Joe Biden’s. Due to his rising numbers and appeal to the Democratic voter base, it is most likely going to be Bernie Sanders who will carry the State of Iowa next week. If this is the case, there will definitely be backlash from the heads of the Democratic party, who have already declared that they do not support him. While it is probable Sanders will carry Iowa, only time will tell how this election will play out.