LHS Renovation Update

The renovation process taking place at Lincoln High School has kicked into full-gear over the summer and the first quarter of this academic year. The work performed by Gilbane Construction, along with support from LHS students and staff allowed for the process to move in a mostly swift fashion. The development of the new building delivers promise to the fundamental success of our school district – a modern, exuberantly technological bastion eventually saturated by new developing minds. As I walked by the gate compensated with warning signs, I assumed I was going to have to be extremely careful when seizing my content. Upon entering, I noticed a large green recyclable which addresses: “No Trash, Masonry only,” suggesting there is much debris on the premises that needs to be tidied up after. The forgotten masonry led me to some modern, furnished wood that portends to be in use for aspects of the new building. An orange-looking hose or wire separates you from the materials, implying a person not involved in construction should not make contact with the items. On the right side of me were additional substances: bricks, plastic, insulation, etc, used for the renovation process. Ironically, these materials were lined up near one of the oldest sections of the current high school: the old middle school, formerly in-use every single day. Ladders, pipes, and storage spaces would also occupy the area, proposing the job must be completed by many who can perform several different jobs. The bright blue sky, while advising heat, symbolizes a bright future in the air for those attending the school after the next two years. Cylinders, possibly used to implement concrete pavement around the building, preventing students from walking on sand as they enter the building, is shown in multiple quantity occupying a large space of the area adjacent to the newly-modeled building. The building itself features the same brickley composition that makes up the current building, but with a stylized look that represents a thriving school in the twenty-first century. On the roof of the new building, there are construction workers taking strides in ensuring the completion of the school. As the bricks expose the composition of the new building – modernly similar to the school that was built five centuries ago – window holes are arranged in the same style as the windows present in the current building. However, work is not only being done on the outside of the building; the work being done on the inside of the building has also made notable progress. Layered on the inside, there is a wide array of metal, tools, lights and waste buckets in order for the construction team to keep tidy and keep up with the process. On the lower level of the new building there are windows situated into open spots for the needed occasional sift of air. The construction area, gathered and layered with needed and unneeded material, will eventually allow for our end goal to come into fruition. When will our newest addition: the new cafeteria and additional classrooms, be complete? As the warmer days are coming to a close, the work on the outside is planned to be complete so additional work can be accomplished under the roof’s protection.