The Cream of the Crop: Lincoln Creamery


A Treasured Town Tradition for the Front Street Faithful Summer is full of wonderful experiences: beach trips, bonfires, swimming pools, sleeping in, and arguably the most important, ice cream. Every small town has a special shared source of joy, and ours in Lincoln is Lincoln Creamery located on 276 Front Street. Even on a chilly night, a line can be found of excited Rhode-Islanders awaiting their ice cream. With its bright blue picnic tables, large ice cream cone sign, over fifty ice cream flavors and unique toppings, many thought this Lincoln staple could not possibly get any better. However, the creamery has shocked us yet again and given even more incentive for a visit to the most delicious ice cream place around. As you pass Saint Jude’s Church headed east down Front Street, a huge pink ice cream filled sugar cone sign sits above a white fenced in area. The sign holds the name of Lincoln Rhode Island’s beloved Lincoln Creamery, also promoting the Maplehurst Diner seated in the same building as the creamery. Windows line the left side of the building where you can order as visitors stand and gaze upon the tv screens displaying the many options for a sweet treat. This area is filled with seven bright blue picnic benches where people are almost always seen laughing and enjoying their creamy, mouthwatering ice cream. The creamery offers just over forty kinds of hard serve ice cream, four types of soft serve, four types of hard serve frozen yogurt, and six types of soft serve frozen yogurt along with one non-dairy option. Shakes, malts, and floats are also offered, as well as two types of sundaes and two types of splits. To extend the menu even more, you can order italian ice and even buy their flavors by the quart. As of right now, eleven different topping choices are offered to make your entire ice cream experience complete. Furthermore, even specialty or custom ice cream cakes are offered to complete any event. For summer 2019, the creamery updated its expansive menu with a new twist on their Cookie Monster flavor. The former style of the flavor consisted of french vanilla ice cream dyed a pastel blue, chocolate chips and chocolate chip crumble pieces. The announcement was made for the new Cookie Monster on May 6th as an exciting collaboration with Warwick Ice Cream. The updated version of the flavor consists of vanilla ice cream dyed a vibrant blue complete with Oreo pieces, chocolate chip cookie pieces and edible cookie dough. The description given on the creamery’s Instagram was a mouthwatering, cookie-lover’s dream. We made sure to pair this intensely filled flavor in a waffle cone, the perfect combination to hold in all of its Be forewarned: the blue color is sure to stain lips and tongues! Two days prior to this announcement, Lincoln Creamery showcased a new artistic addition to their shop.The announcement was made through their Instagram when they posted a picture of a small red, white, and blue ring surrounded by the words “Front Street Faithful” with someone holding on tight to a perfect cone of vanilla and chocolate swirl soft serve situated right in its center. “With so many Foodies in PVD and Boston, we wanted to give you guys a nice little backdrop to work with,” explained the Creamery. With the new introduction of this backdrop, located near the right entrance into the sitting area, the creamery also announced a special giveaway to help promote the new spot. Each week the creamery will choose one lucky winner who takes a picture of their ice cream and posts it on Instagram, tagging Lincoln Creamery, to win a free scoop of ice cream. They are also reposting everyone else’s pictures on their Instagram story, displaying a cute new way to share your favorite ice cream flavor. Customers and workers alike have already been soaking up the sun at the creamery for the 2019 season. Upon going up to the window to order ice cream, customers are met with friendly workers ready to take their order. Emma Gianetti, a senior at Lincoln High School and an employee at Lincoln Creamery, likes her job because of the “family” dynamic she is surrounded by while she works. “I really like working here because we’re kind of a family, and everybody gets to know each other really well,” she says. Additionally, customers find hometown pride when they visit the creamery. Many customers commented on the fact that it’s close to home. A younger girl surrounded by a few friends explained, “We like going here because it’s really close to our houses and a short walk.” Another even younger girl commented that, “The ice cream is delicious,” while her dad added, “and it’s very close to home.” The creamery offers kids, small, medium and large sizes of ice cream. Their kids size is one scoop, small is two scoops and they continue to grow from there. “It’s relatively cheap for how much ice cream you get,” says Taylor Ferreira, sophomore at LHS. Due to the wide size variation, you get an exorbitant amount of bang for your buck. No matter if you are a Lincoln resident or not, Lincoln Creamery is sure to be a delicious treat for all of its visitors and customers. With the wide range of options, consistent additions to the menu, and diligent workers, this creamery is surely the place to be during hot summer months. Besides, who can resist the sweet creaminess of this cool summertime dessert?