The pros and cons of school renovations

No matter what the attitude towards renovations is, everyone can admit this has been a strange opening month to this school year. As both students and teachers go about in their everyday routines, they must adapt and react to what is happening around them. Whether it’s finding new ways to navigate, running into the occasional wall, or stopping for an excavator to pass in the parking lot, this is definitely a unique school experience. Some have had a more stressful time with this than others, but even the most stressed are finally getting used to this process. Most of the teachers seem to have a more positive outlook. It has been a common thought in teachers minds that the renovation process is a small obstacle to overcome,worth it for the much greater, positive results everyone is hoping for. “There is no doubt that it is something we need to get used to,” Mr. Desrosiers says. “That will take a bit of time and patience, but in the end it will be worth it.” It also seems that adapting to these renovations has not been as difficult as many thought it would. Mr. Yip even argues that the heat wave Lincoln has been experiencing is more of a trouble than actual renovations “At this point, the renovation process has been a minor speed bump as everyone tries to figure out traffic flow and gets used to new classrooms. I think the warm and humid weather at the start of the school year has been more of a disruption because it is difficult to focus with these conditions.” Students don’t have such a positive mindset. Overall, the biggest frustration is the fact that it’s been difficult to get from class to class.”The renovations are annoying because now we can’t get to class very well because the school is now basically one giant hallway,” Sarah Brouillard says. “Now it’s much harder to get to classes, and they don’t give us any extended time so I’m always late to class.” Sarah is not alone in this complaint either. “I don’t know where I’m going,” Stephen Teixeira adds. “It’s difficult to learn like this because it’s distracting.” Our principal is working hard to make this process as easy as possible, but the students are still longing for the days of easy navigation and less distraction back. Even some teachers, who don’t have to rush to classes, agree with the students. While having an overall positive attitude about renovations, Mrs. Pavao did comment on her navigation problems. “I only walk to the office once a day now because it takes me so long to get there and it’s so confusing. I guess that’s my biggest change, I get my steps in. I also don’t wear heels to work anymore.” While Mrs. Jeschke is also excited for the new renovations, she struggles to teach her class in the same way she used too. “I do feel that it has affected my teaching as I’ve lost my lab space so students are now forced to work in a smaller space,” she comments. Construction also sometimes occurs directly outside her window, which can be very distracting. However, even in the most stressful situation, she agrees that it will be worth it. “I think the “new” school will be enjoyable but we definitely have to suffer the pains of renovations to enjoy it.” All can agree that this stressful time will be worth it in the long run. However, since the final product won’t be here in time for many of the current students, students are even more stressed about this school year than they normally are. As everyone must adapt and react, worrying endlessly over this will do no good, so keep a positive attitude and try to have the best year you can!