Should You Get an Internship?

The process of which an internship has evolved into today had first come from medieval apprenticeship, where the skilled laborer; usually a craftsmen, would teach a young person a complete crash-course of their trade. There is an agreement; however, that takes place between the craftsmen and the apprentice. The agreement, typically, is that as the craftsmen would teach his apprentice, and the apprentice would work for the craftsmen for a specific amount of time. Today, an intern can work part time or full time at a company for a specific amount of time. Interns can work anywhere between one session to a few months. Students who wish to explore a future career possibility further should take a part in an internship. What is the difference between an apprenticeship and an internship though? Well, when you are working for an internship, you aren’t required to work for your boss after the period of time for your internship is over. While in an apprenticeship, you are usually required to work for your boss. When you sign up for an internship, you are dabbling in a certain art, acting as a dilettante. As a student works in the internship of their choosing, they can choose if the job is a practice in which they would be interested in performing as a career. Apprentices, however, know what field they want to go into prior, and they learn new skills that will permanently benefit you for your future. Since most teenagers aren’t usually involved in apprenticeships, and are more focused on internships, the latter is what will benefit them the most in this time of their life. Why teenagers believe this is because most teens don’t know what career they would like to partake in for their future. There are two types of internships; internships that are paid, and internships that are not pais. The most common internship is one that is unpaid, simply because an internship is not a job. The purpose of an internship is not for a young person to get paid, but for them to gain valuable life experience. Do you wish for valuable life experience? Dependant on the area that you plan to focus on, the job of an internship presents you with on-the-job training in that specific area. The person who trains you will expect you to grow in your work environment, and thus will prepare you for the similar– or different– work you practice in your future. Another type of internship the youth can partake in is a research-based internship. Internships that involve research are usually more common among the scientific field. If you apply yourself; you will examine a specific topic with a company or industry, and then you will perform an oral or written study on the particular topic. The process for finding an internship can be very difficult, but there are several websites on the internet you can utilize to provide yourself with the best internship you can possibly find. One of the best places to search up an internship is LinkedIn: a website that specifically focuses on networking online. While the website Indeed is most commonly used for finding jobs, it can also be used for finding internships. If a person makes a search on Indeed, they will be presented with listings from major jobs, where some of them can come from major companies. If you were to find an internship you prefer on the site, you can be approached with an email alert. is another valuable source for looking for that perfect internship. On the website, there are search results that can filter out unnecessary majors, industries and locations. The website also features a surplus of additional information, such as source material deriving from blogs and job articles. Every state in our country has a State (and/or local) Employment Agency, where officials work to assist the common person with the search for a job or internship that the person will like the best. The internship process is considered the first step into finding a lifelong job. Many companies use the internship process as a way to search for additional recruitment. Throughout the internship process, you can develop and refine skills; ask questions, make observations, and get the most of your internship experience, it doesn’t last forever. The internship will also surround you with professionals in the industry you have an interest in. The professor’s you will meet during an internship could become your future colleagues. The experience you can receive from a hands-on working internship is an invaluable opportunity that cannot be provided in the ordinary classroom. It is especially important when a student performs an internship during high school, as the student will be able to decide if the career-path is right for them before they begin a major on that subject at a university. In short, internships are a skillful way students can gain valuable work experience in order to prepare the student for the consistent demands of today’s workforce.