How Graduates Look Back on LHS

As there are fewer and fewer days left for us seniors here at LHS, it’s time for us to get more oriented towards college life. Right now, almost every senior is at the point of “I hate this place” and “I can’t wait to leave.” When in reality, we’re going to look back and miss this school in a couple of months when we realize we aren’t looking for Skyward for our classes, but instead packing up our rooms as we move into our dorms next fall. LHS Class of 2017 graduates Hannah Lyle and Jess Brierly share how Brierly “appreciates LHS more now that I am out. While I was in high school I took it for granted. College is a lot harder and you don’t have as great of a support system as you do at LHS. I miss being able to see so many of my friends every day. Going into college you don’t get to see your friends every day because everyone goes their separate ways. LHS has many different electives that every student could enjoy. After leaving high school I would talk to other people I met and courses like LHS have were not offered at their schools. Being able to have great teachers and wonderful courses was a great opportunity.” And Lyle advises to “take in every second that you have left. Cherish every moment, every laugh. because before you know it, it will all be over and you can never go back to the way things used to be. Don’t rush to grow up.” Brierly further reminisces on her time here in LHS by sharing her favorite memory at LHS was the small parties she would have in her advisory. “Our advisory got so close after the 4 years it was like our own little family. Everyone would bring food and we would just listen to music”. Although us seniors give this school the cold shoulder, it seems that we will soon miss it once we get to the stresses and difficulties that college brings. Lyle emphasizes this by stating how she “appreciates high school a lot more now that I’m out because of the fact that I can never go back. That’s why I say to cherish every moment because I now look back at my high school experience and think about how I loved it so much.” All of us are excited to finally go to college, to be away from home and out on your own, to not feel “trapped” in this building, to finally live their life (and of course, party). However, a lot of us forget that it is still school. With time, schooling gets tougher with heavier amounts of school work, tougher professors, and exams that truly make or break your semester. Brierly warns seniors going into their freshman year of college explaining how “The workload is very different from high school to college. You have a lot of work to do in each course you take. You have a lot of independence and the professors will not hound you to do your work. It is your job to do your work and if you don’t, the professors won’t care. Make sure you plan out your class work for each week. If you wait until the last minute everything piles up and it’s stressful.” Although we may think that it can’t be too hard based on the shorter time spent in actual classrooms in college, the workload is tremendous. We need time management skills and to have a motivation to do schoolwork. However, although college may bring a lot of stress, it brings the same amount of fun with it. “I loved my first year of college!” Brierly exclaimed. “I feel like the independence that comes with college was really good for me. It was stressful to make sure I kept up with the workload but once I figured it out it was very nice to have this independence.” Even though we throw shade on this school, for the immense heat in the classes during the spring, the sometimes useless classes we feel we don’t need, the parking, we will look back and miss these days. For these final weeks of school, it may seem like it will take forever, but it will go by in the blink of an eye. When all of us cross that stage, our grade school days are over and all of us will go our separate ways in just a few short months. These are the days we will never forget.