How Fundraising Benefits Your Class

Each year, your class executive board and advisors discuss fundraisers they believe would peak the interest of their class. The goal of fundraisers is to raise money for your class for the current year, upcoming years, and for your class’ graduation. It is helpful to participate in the fundraiser because the more people who participate, the more money that is raised. Throughout the years there have been several different types of fundraisers that classes have made available to their classmates. There have been Yankee Candle fundraisers, cookie dough, beach towels, wrapping paper, and a plethora of others. These fundraisers are out out in hopes of getting participants to buy the products available to them. It is in your class’ greatest interest to get involved and help out your class. The fundraisers distributed are meant to be taken home to your family so that they are able to view the items. The more parents who buy from the fundraiser, the more money your class will raise. It is an easy way for your class to obtain a good amount of money for the current year and also the upcoming year. In the long run, participating in fundraising benefits your class because by the time big events roll around, such as your proms, the price of your prom tickets will depend on how much money your class has. If your class is doing well with money due to the participating in fundraising, then your tickets will be inexpensive. On the other end, if your class is struggling with money, then there is a very good chance your prom tickets will be very expensive by the time your junior and senior year comes around. Emily Kennedy, one of the junior’s student councils reps. at Lincoln High School, believes “fundraising to have affordable prom tickets and having low prices for prom tickets enhances the participation at prom, making more kids want to and be able to go to prom.” Kennedy continues, “I would encourage underclassmen to start fundraising early because the less money having to be spent will cause better participation and you will be able to afford better venue for events if you fundraise a lot of money.” As a firm believer in fundraising, Kennedy believes it will enhance the amount of participation shown at school events and she believes that you will have a more enjoyable time at a nicer venue. It is important to your advisors that you are able to enjoy you night at your school event. They want what is best for you and they want you to be able to not have to to worry about the prices being too expensive. The junior, Emily Kennedy, finally concludes, “I will continue to help raise money by bringing ideas for fundraising to the table, participating in the fundraising, and sharing the information on fundraising to my classmates so they are able to get involved.” Also lots of fundraising benefits your class as it gets closer to graduation. Caps and gowns become expensive when you have about 300 students in your class. Fundraising will only help you and your class. “Each year I look forward to the fundraiser forms my son brings home for me.” A mother of a student in the junior class feels very passionate about the fundraisers given to the students. “There is always such a wide selection of items to choose from. The variety is very exciting and I could not think of a better way to support my sons class.” She continued further. Parents love to purchase from the fundraisers given to the students. Parents participating is the perfect way to raise a large amount of money. You could also offer it to your friends. If you explain the money goes towards your class, anyone would be willing to help you and your classmates. It is evident it is beneficial to your class if you participate in the fundraisers offered to you. It will only end in positive results for you and your classmates. It will also make you time at school events more enjoyable do to the amount of money raised from your class fundraisers! Make sure to spread the word and continue to/start getting involved as soon as possible!