Ways to Stimulate the Brain


Jigsaw puzzles, reading, and crosswords are some of the ways to keep the brain active and healthy. Some of the more unique ways to stimulate the brain are doing things upside down, eating with chopsticks, and doing chores with your eyes closed. Mental speed, memory, and strategic thinking are benefits of completing these classic brain games. Kids, adults, and the elderly all benefit from these types of activities. Problem solving skills are also improved. For example, with jigsaw puzzles, figuring out how to go about a puzzle and grouping pieces by colors and shapes. Puzzles provide trial and error and test our hypothesis about where the puzzle piece goes. The brain can get stronger and gain benefits that help someone’s everyday life. Many puzzles that are made now are more complex and have beautiful images of oceans, farms, cities, castles, and a variety of colors with patterns that provide challenges when completing the puzzle. Puzzles are also a really great bonding experience for families. There are puzzles out there that start with big pieces and as you move to figuring out the center the pieces get smaller. On a rainy day the best option may just be the puzzle that has been locked away in a closet for years. The brain can be improved in memory, produce a more positive mood, give greater self confidence, boost production, motivation, and there can be less stress when the brain is active and exercising. Students could benefit from more self confidence boosts and motivation as they handle the day to day life of high school. Balancing classes, extracurriculars, and jobs for some students can often be hard to manage. Considering all those factors, some brain games might just be a good idea. Granted, students are always using their brain for tests and putting their best into everything they do, but it’s good to release stress in fun ways. Not everything in life has to be taken too seriously. Strategic thinking is not only helpful in math classes, but in real world situations. When plans don’t always go as planned it is good to have a back up plan, think fast, and strategise. Memory and mental speed are also important. An everyday skill that uses all three things is driving. People are driving every day, which takes a lot of defensive skills. All different ages are on the road with all different information held in their brain. To be safe, it is important that everyone makes sure their brain is ready for the road and they they can mentally handle it. Reaction time is key when it comes to driving and some brain games might just do the trick. It doesn’t have to be boring, there are so many ways to stimulate the brain that don’t require much effort. Mrs,Pavao, an English teacher at Lincoln High School, finds way to stimulate the brain in her class,”I try to get the students up and moving. I have prefix balls that we throw to break up the sitting down we do in class. I also do a lot of warm up and improv games in my drama workshop class. I try not to have kids sitting there too long because that gets boring.” I wanted to test some of the interesting ways to stimulate the brain myself and see if it they were any good. Chopsticks take a while to get used to. Eating with chopsticks, when you are not used to it, is a challenge. Picking up small things and shapes that are irregular is not exactly the easiest task. I definitely felt like my brain was being stimulated and I was thinking. However, when I wasn’t getting the results I wanted (in this case I mean being able to successfully use them) it created more stress than when I started. I also took a bunch of plates and washed them with my eyes closed. It was interesting, made me think harder, and even kind of fun. It would probably be even better if you had a friend by your side to splash from time to time. Reading and jigsaw puzzles are great but if you are not someone who is a fan of those things and are up for something different, there are more ways out there that might just be right for you. Making sure the brain is as healthy as it can be is important so giving time to yourself is the one of the biggest things you can do for your brain, body, and heart.