Vision of a perfect school

There’s been a lot of talk about the “dream high school” lately. Basically, there’s this idea that the way high school runs as of right now (meaning the way the school day runs, how our periods work, how our grades work, etc.) is the old way, and high schools need to be completely transformed and updated according to today’s world. Thus, high school students are being asked what aspects or things that could be added, changed, or removed from their current high school experience. Well, I’ve got a few ideas, and I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks this way. Before you continue reading though, think of a few things yourself that you would like to see changed about high school, whether based off of your experiences of just in general. Even if you’re no longer a student, think of the things that you wish you could have changed when you were in high school. I’ve never heard a “perfect” high school experience, so you should definitely be coming up with a few things. Give it a couple minutes for your creativity to kick in. For example (and you know I’m going to say it, so I’ll only mention it once), there should not be any class rank. There’s a lot of people who hate it and who don’t, but I won’t go on about it, because we here it all the time. I’ll just say that I used to be for it, but now, I don’t see the point of it. Some cool things I’d love to see is an extended lunch period. Rather than a small, barely 20 minute lunch period where we only see a quarter of our friends at a time, why not have a longer period, such as an hour, where students would be able to leave school grounds if they wanted to so they could get food somewhere else for lunch? Just an idea! I feel like lunch would be a lot more enjoyable if we could see all of our friends and not have to scarf down our food in 10 minutes because the lunch line was so long. Having a free period would also be an extremely cool aspect I’d love to have during the school day. I know that at least for me, doing work in a school environment is so much more beneficial for me than doing my work at home. I get it done a lot faster, because I have less distractions. Also, sometimes I have a lot of work during some nights, and it would be nice to fall back on a period where I could bang out some of that work, rather than stressing out and staying up all night to do it. I also find myself running around the school right before first period, during advisory, right after school, and even during lunch to do the little things I have to do, such as hand in certain forms to teachers, or talk to a teacher about a grade… that sort of thing. It’d be way easier and way less stressful if I had more time to do this, instead of wearing out my sneakers running around the school every second. Oh, and the one thing that I would love but is probably never going to happen is being able to take all of the classes that I want with no schedule conflicts. How many students can relate to that? I’d say about 100% of them. It kind of sucks when you were looking forward to taking this awesome class with your friends, and then you get your schedule and find that it ran the same period as that class you were required to take for graduation. Not cool. There’s some things that I’d love to be a reality in high school, but it probably won’t ever happen in reality. High school would be way better without all the cliques and the “popular” crowd that the majority of people dislike. It causes people to divide and separate from one another, and this actually causes a lot of kids so muchs stress and anxiety too. It would help a lot of people if this didn’t exist, but reconstructing the entire social hierarchy of high school isn’t something that can just magically happen. That’s why it’s called a dream. Plenty of things could be made better about high school and give every student a better experience for these four years. The possibilities are endless.