MLB is back, play ball


The Boston Red Sox took the field last night for their first regular season game against the Seattle Mariners.The Red Sox roster is identical to last seasons. A player to watch will be Rafael Devers who is projected to have a potential breakout season. Mariners roster has all but one player from last season, right-fielder Ichiro Suzuki. Suzuki retired and played in his last game in the Tokyo Dome, March 11, 2019. This battle saw the Mariners beating the Red Sox, with a score of 4-12 in the first of a four game series. Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale opened up his first game retiring 4 batters and allowing 7 runs in 3 innings of pitching. Mariners pitcher Marco Gonzales shut down 4 Red Sox batters and had 3 runs allowed in his 5.1 innings played. The Mariners opened their season with a bang. There were over 4 home runs allowed by the Red Sox. Chris Sale had a very eventful night, as early as the second inning, his fastball was slowing down and accuracy dropped. The Mariners caught on and used it to their advantage, snagging 4 points in the 3rd inning. Batter Tim Beckham who went 0-15 on hitting in the preseason, started the Mariners’ 3rd inning boom with a two run homer. Mookie Betts and Jackie Bradley Jr. had a collision in the third inning as well. The routine fly ball out to right, had Betts calling out that he had it. Bradley didn’t hear him and they collided, Betts still made the catch however. Overall, the Red Sox season opener was a flop, but the team hopes this doesn’t set a presidence for the rest of the season.