Underclassmen, join the LHS Prom Committee!

Lincoln High School offers a plethora of clubs to join which gives you the opportunity to get involved. One of the several clubs that LHS offers is Prom Committee. Prom committee is a club that you can join your sophomore and junior year. It is a perfect way to get involved and help out your class and advisors. What prom committee offers is the opportunity for you to choose the possible destination for your junior and senior proms, you get to tour the venues, and you are able to choose the decorations such as centerpieces for your tables and party favors. Prom committee is also in charge of choosing the style of dinner they want served, what kind of food the want for dinner, what they want for dessert, if they want a soda bar, where the professional pictures will be taken, if there will be a photobooth, and who the DJ will be. It is important to make your voices be heard and that is why LHS gives you the opportunity to give your opinion on where you want prom and what you want your prom to be like. Your advisors value your opinion because they want you to have the best time at prom. Your advisors are helping you make sure you have the best time at your prom and are allowing you to make all of the major decisions. Joining prom committee is very beneficial for underclassmen to join because this helps them become involved with their class decisions and it is a great opportunity for them to bond with their advisors. The more people that join, the more efficient the club will run. Joining this club will not only improve your communication skills but it will also help you feel more comfortable publicly speaking in front of adults. When visiting venues, your advisors let you take charge and introduce yourself. They give you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want because in the end, it is your prom and they want to make sure you have the most fun, memorable night. A junior member of the prom committee, Anna Gillen, says “prom committee allows me to directly participate in the decisions made for prom so I can do what is best to make it enjoyable for me as well as my classmates.” Gillen, who is one of the junior class’ social committee chairs continued, “it is sometimes difficult to make decisions when trying to make sure that everyone in our class will be happy with the decisions we make.” Although Gillen admits she has faced one major challenge while being on prom committee, she did not have anything negative to say about the club. “It is fun being on prom committee and being able to see different locations as well as decide on decorations!” Gillen boasts. Once getting involved with the decision making, it is an exciting process to take part in. You play a very important role in the decision making because the advisors only want what will attract the students the most, and who better to ask than the students? Coming from a junior who has been on the prom committee for the past two years, it is important to get involved and have a say in the decision making because that way you will be able to enjoy your proms the way you should. “If you want to have the chance to make decisions for your own prom and make it the best as possible, definitely join prom committee!” Gillen speaks passionately. Overall, the process is a fun and enjoyable experience and in the end you will reward yourself with the perfect prom! This club is not only enjoyable, but it gets you involved and makes your high school experience more fun. Students who have previously been on prom committee have had nothing but good things to say about their experiences. They are thankful they were able to take part in the decision making and it resulted in a memorable prom night.