Boys Hockey trying to advance


All winter sports team’s regular seasons have ended and it is finally the start of their journey to the road to the championship. Teams who have made it to the playoffs have been working unconditionally throughout the season and are determined to accomplish their goal at the end with a win. One team that’s stood out has been the Lincoln High School hockey team, who have had a great season in Division II. Lincoln is currently in sixth place out of thirteen teams with eight wins and seven losses. The hockey team here at LHS has made a bold statement to prove they are ready for playoffs. Kyle Costa, a sophomore on the hockey team and the one who created this idea, stated, “The hockey team decided to dye our hair blonde because we wanted people to notice us, so they will attend our game Friday. And yes, it is a hockey tradition to grow a beard for playoffs, but most of us are not able to.” The hockey team felt dyeing their hair together was a way of bonding before the playoffs as well as an incentive to win because no one wants to lose after dyeing their hair. The team has had this idea for awhile, many weeks before the playoffs even started. They had the mindset of being in the playoffs from the beginning. Costa mentioned the idea to his fellow teammates and most of them agreed to it, but the idea died down for awhile. Right when Kyle Costa struck the idea again the week of playoffs they all took action and did it together at Kyle’s house. The team’s unity has really helped the LHS hockey team this year; most have felt they want to go out there and win for each other not themselves. One of the captains on the team, Colby Acciardo, explained, “How close we are definitely has a big impact on us because when a team is more united and play for each other, they do better. If you know that each and every guy on the team has your back and is buying into the same system you are, it is almost a calming feeling you get. It makes you happy and want to get better.” The team has had several pasta parties and many hangouts outside of the ice, allowing them to form bonds with each other they will never forget. Not only are they stepping up their hockey skills, but they are forming many friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. Dyeing their hair seems like a joke to most, but it really was a good motive for the team to push themselves and strive to get the gold. The school was going crazy about the idea and some even watched the team dye their hair together on Kyle Costa’s Instagram livestream with over seventy students on it Monday night, the week of playoffs. Along with the fun, the team has had practice every day this week of playoffs and have been mentally preparing off the ice to make sure they can make it far in the playoffs this year. The team is ready, it is what they have been waiting and working for since the start of the season. The playoffs are best of three, with them hoping to take a solid win in all three games. But if they lose one game, they still have time to pick themselves up and turn the loss around. The team has put their heads together on this road to the championship, hoping to have a positive outcome that they will remember forever.