Nathan Evans Runs Ahead of the Pack

Chris Cooke, Lion's Roar Staff

    Over the course of Lincoln High School’s track and field history, the system has developed numerous athletic prodigies who would later use their skills far beyond their years at LHS. In essence, the Lions track and field program is a known elite in New England with Head Coach Brian Grant at the helm.  Grant is widely renowned as not only one of the best in the state but an elite leader at the national level as well.

Of these star athletes, senior track runner Nathan Evans stands far ahead of the pack, cementing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the state of Rhode Island’s running scene. Over his four-year stint with the program, Evan’s speed created shock waves of attention around the school and neighboring towns in Rhode Island. In fact, Evans describes his path to success as “unorthodox.”

     “I went from a mediocre junior varsity runner to one of the fastest competitors in the state of Rhode Island very quickly,” recalls Evans. From there, Evans would take off, soaring to even greater heights. As he would begin competing beyond the state level, Evans would begin showing off his talents at regional championship events.

     According to Evans, he is appreciative of his athletic success but knows his days of running are limited in the grand scheme of things as he plans to join the workforce. Regardless, with an all-but guaranteed four more years of running eligibility available, Roger Williams University jumped at the opportunity to recruit the 6’1”, 145 pound speedster.

     “I’m excited to further my education and for the opportunity to run as a member of the Hawks,” said Evans. “Running in college has been a dream of mine ever since I was a little kid, and it’s now satisfying to know that I am making those dreams a reality.”

     After college, Evans plans to use his Roger Williams degree to find a job in the field of construction, specifically in the management of construction sites.

     According to Evans, he wants to make sure his running legacy is remembered, but he also hopes his personality and character will carry good faith with his name as well. In essence, Nathan Evans could be categorized as a one of a kind type student, making him one of Lincoln High School’s G.O.A.T.s.