18 year-old Announces Campaign for Rhode Island Governor

Can a teenager hold office?


Gwenyth McNulty, Lion´s Roar Staff

     November 8 is the dreaded and much-anticipated election day. It means very different things to different people; to the students, it means a day off, to the country it means a new era, to the politicians it means a day of great loss or overwhelming victory.

     Fresh out of high school and barely over the voting age, Zachary Hurwitz has been victim to all of these feelings at one point or another. Running for governor at only 18 years old, Hurwitz seeks to inspire those in his generation to become more involved in politics and their communities. He seeks to inspire those in his generation to see that they can make great things happen and that they can make a change in their world. There are more options open to people than what they can see. Hurwitz stated, “I wanted to show that it could be done…it’s not reserved for the rich and elite.”

     In the event of his victory, Hurwitz wishes to tackle many issues in Rhode Island, a lot of them being school-related. The mental health of both students and teachers is one of the top priorities; he hopes to focus more on that topic and instill both more training and more counseling in schools to help solve the issue. On top of that, he would also like to help solve food insecurity and hopes to reinstall the free breakfast and lunch program in schools once more. “One of my first goals in my administration,” Hurwitz said, “would be to hopefully install that [the universal free breakfast and lunch program] again, so no student goes to school hungry and no parent has to worry about feeding their child.”

“My first goal is to help the people of Rhode Island,” he said. The world is nothing if not small, and Hurwitz seeks to make sure that his corner of it is the best it can be.