Are Sequels as Good as the Originals?


Gwenyth McNulty, Lion's Roar Staff

     In light of the sequel to the beloved classic, “A Christmas Story” coming out, today, November 17, and the “Wednesday” series coming to Netflix on November 23, a new question comes to everyone’s minds: will this be as good as the original?

     Jenna Ortega is an excellent actress, winning the award for “Most Frightened Performance” at the MTVs. Along of this, Peter Billingsley will be reprising his role as Ralphie in the sequel, bringing back some of the nostalgia many people will be facing. However, even with a brilliant cast, sequels can fall short of the original’s glory.

     This comes to mind in “The Hangover” specifically. After a wild bachelor party, three men lose their best friend: the groom. The movie follows these three as they run across Las Vegas to find Doug in time for the wedding. This movie was one of the highest-grossing movies of 2009 and received an audience score of 84%. However, the second part to the award-winning movie did not fill in the original’s shoes, scoring 52% with audiences. 

     In the words of a proud fan, “Don’t bother watching it. It sucked.”

     However, movies are not the only case where this occurs. New York Times Bestselling Author, Colleen Hoover also made one of these mistakes: creating a sequel to a seemingly “perfect book” as a fan service to those on TikTok. This book has been deemed “unnecessary” by many, the author faces some harsh one-star reviews on Goodreads from loyal readers.

       This is likely due to one thing: people wanting to milk all they can their previous success. Sure, some cases are due to pressure from fans begging for more content, but others are from people attempting to make a money grab.

     Despite this, whether people like it or not, both the Addams Family and the Parker family will be returning to our screens, taking their viewers on a somewhat-new adventure.