The High School Sports That We Will Never Play in Rhode Island

Niall Naqvi, Lion's Roar Staff

     In Rhode Island, a multitude of sports is offered in high school.  From soccer to baseball to football, sports are a big part of the high school experience. However, there are many sports that are played around the country that are not played in Rhode Island. 

     Bass Fishing- A sport played in Arkansas, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, Kentucky, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Vermont where two participants from different schools board the same boat driven by a neutral driver, and the student with the heaviest haul of fish wins. 

     Orienteering- a sport played in states with various trails and mountain ranges, students navigate through wooden terrain using a map while competing with one another to finish first. 

     Broomball- a sport most commonly played in high schools over Toledo, Ohio where competitors lay a different form of hockey: Players use a broom-shaped stick to control a small ball on ice, though they were special shoes instead of skates.      Badminton-  A sport scattered in various states where rackets are used to hit a shuttlecock across a net. 

     Rodeo- A sport played in Nebraskan High schools where athletes wear a helmet a perform a series of events. One of the more dangerous sports on this list; The National High School Rodeo Association requires its members to purchase their own health insurance plans, even if they already have existing coverage through their parents.