No to Block Parties, Yes to Decorating Contest


Caitlyn Procter, Lion's Roar Staff

With the holidays approaching, Lincoln High School is in desperate need of some Christmas spirit. There will be plenty of holiday fun to go around as long as you don’t bring food! 

This year, the annual block parties that were legendary before the pandemic are no longer permitted. In previous years, many of the advisories gathered together and shared food up and down all of the hallways as a sign of collaboration  and unity.  It was a lot of fun, but in retrospect, a bit risky.  Foods were often homemade and students sometimes strayed off their own “blocks”.  This year LHS will not authorize them due to our district Health and Wellness policy. 

LHS’s PBIS group organized the door decorating last year as a way to keep the holiday spirit alive.. The door contest encourages unity and teamwork, and really helps advisories bond as they compete to have the best decorated door.  Advisories are currently planning their designs and will have all of this and next week to complete them.  A team of judges will select winnters based on creativity and design, as well as the integration of LHS Core Values.  Happy decorating!