LeBron james is Now The Goat

Caden Watters, Lion's Roar Staff

On Tuesday Night history was made in the NBA at Crypto.com arena. The matchup was the Oklahoma City Thunder against the Los Angeles Lakers. What makes this regular season game so special, the league saw a new all time leading scorer, as Lebron James surpassed Kareem Abdular-Jabbar. Going into the night James needed 36 points to surpass Kareem’s record. 

 Eerybody knew Lebron was going to break the record that night. His family and former teammates attended the game, with many celebrities also in attendance. No bigger than Kareem, as he wanted to watch James pass his record. 

At the end of the third quarter Lebron drove to the basket and got a layup to put him one point away from breaking the record. Then it happened, with the seconds winding down in the quarter James went to one of his signature moves, the step back jumper. As the shot went in you could see the pure joy on his face, knowing what he had just accomplished. There was a special ceremony mid game recognizing the great accomplishment, with James, his family and friends, and a moment with the man he just passed, Kareem. As Kareem handed the scoring title over to James. The night ended with the Lakers falling short, as they lost to the Thunder  by three. Even with the loss Lebron deserves the right to celebrate as he now stands alone in the history books. 

The thing that is so crazy about this record being broken is the fact that Kareem held this record for nearly 40 years, as many claimed it to be an unbreakable record, which stood at 38,387 points. After Tuesday night’s game the record is now held by Lebron James with 38,390 points and counting. Which is crazy to think how high that total can go. With the way Lebron has been scoring his whole career he may finish his career with 42,000 plus career points, and maybe that will be truly the unbreakable scoring record in the NBA.  

With Lebron James becoming the all time leading scorer in league history this just adds another argument to his side on him being the greatest basketball player the league has ever seen. With him being fourth in total assists and ninth in total steals, it is clear to see that Lebron is one of the most complete players ever in the league, getting it done on both sides of the ball throughout his whole career. Is anyone going to come close or break the record that is for time to tell as there are many promising young stars in the league who could have long careers trying to break the record. For whatever comes in the future, we can say now Lebron James is the NBA’s all time scoring champ.