Kansas City Super Bowl Parade Ends in Near Disaster


Chris Cooke, Lion's Roar Staff

     Just four days after Kansas City’s thrilling 38-35 Super Bowl victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, the team had the parade of a lifetime.

     The win marked the franchise’s third Super Bowl championship as an organization, and more shockingly, it marked their second in the past four years. Though they haven’t won five straight championships, their worst two championship runs in the past five years were highlighted by a AFC Championship loss to the New England Patriots in the 2018 season, then again in 2021 against the Cincinnati Bengals.

     After the win, Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City quarterback was asked if the win cemented a possible dynasty in this new era of quarterbacks in the NFL.  Mahomes elaborated on how the Chiefs still have a lot left the chamber and more to strive for.

     Postgame, the Kansas City quarterback was asked if there was any difference between Super Bowl victories one and two. Mahomes elaborated on how the newly acquired ring gave him a greater appreciation and would put any speculations of luck to rest.

     “Not going to say dynasty… we’re not done,” Mahomes said.

     Thursday’s parade settled the long anticipation of both fans and the players of Kansas City. The parade featured many tokens of their remarkable season, some as far as merchandise mocking their Super Bowl foe, the Philadelphia Eagles. Players were seen wearing a multitude of different style shirts signifying their offensive line’s flawless performance, not letting up any sacks.

     The parade took place in Kansas City, Missouri, but that wouldn’t stop the entire Kansas City metro area from showing up and radiating their support. The police were prepared to enforce security for about 500,000 fans, yet thanks to good weather the parade’s attendance reached upwards of one million people.

     As the duration of the parade expanded, the Chiefs and especially Patrick Mahomes let loose a little bit, some would say out of control. Toward the end of their championship celebration Patrick Mahomes seemed to lose control of his alcohol consumption. Mahomes is seen chugging a Bud Light, which caused him to lose his balance, nearly tumbling over the duckboat’s safety railing. But that’s not all, just a few moments prior, Mahomes, who was clearly under the influence of alcohol, was caught by cameras wandering over to a crowd of Chiefs fans to take selfies with him and the Vince Lombardi Trophy.  Once Mahomes decided it was time to walk away he seemed to hand the trophy over to a random spectator. Luckily for the Chiefs, the trophy was in the fan’s hands for just a short amount of time before being returned to its rightful owner.

     The absentminded approach from Mahomes isn’t the first time we’ve seen alcohol get the best of a superstar quarterback, as seen by Tom Brady in 2021.

     The biggest takeaway from Kansas City’s parade is that Mahomes is much better at reading the pocket on a football field than he is when drunk in a public environment.