V-Show Opening March 10!

Caitlyn Proctor, Lion's Roar Staff

For 56 years the LHS’s beloved Variety Show has been an annual March occurrence.  With colorful comedy, dance, and singing numbers throughout. These different acts show each student’s individual talents. With 95 students participating this year, there will be three dances, four comedy skits, and 10 music selections. The show does not only put on entertainment for other LHS students, but it also raises money for the senior class. 

As the V-Show opening date, March 10,  is coming closer, each of the performances have to start finalizing their acts and prepare for the performance date. Many  students that do not have a talent to perform in front of an audience, perform backstage using their talents by helping with lights and technology. This event allows any student to be a part of a community and be involved by putting their best talents to use. 

With the show coming around the corner, many students are curious as to how things are coming along and who will be participating. MC’s, Malyneat Mon, Alec Bucki, and Emily Sexton, will be providing the crowd with a great, entertaining storyline that will keep everyone engaged. 

March 10 through March 12 this year’s ensemble  will play to three full audiences at LHS.  Tickets sales will be announced soon.