Is February Break Here To Stay?

Katherine Kilsey, Lion's Roar Staff

Last week Lincoln High School students had a week to rest, reflect, compete and rehearse for V-Show. However, each year, the question always seems to arise: should we have this time off school? The school committee addresses this issue annually, and there are many reasons that Lincoln community members believe we either should or should not have the break.

Most students, parents, and staff agree that time off from school in February is a good idea. This time of winter is ideal for various trips, such as skiing or snowboarding, or even visiting family and friends that live further away. Having a week off around this time helps to break up the year, and gives students an opportunity to catch up on work as well as relax from the stresses of the daily school routine. Many teachers are also adamant on having a February break. They like to have a week off during this time of February to clean their classrooms, since it is in the middle of cold and flu season, as well as an opportunity to get organized and plan ahead. Also, many teachers have children who go to school in another district. If their kids have the week off of school, they would want Lincoln to do the same so they can be home with them.

However, there are also arguments to why a February break would not be beneficial. First of all, we already have a winter break at the end of December, so there would be another long break less than two months after. Furthermore, taking a week-long February break pushes the last day of school back further. Rhode Island requires 180 days of school each school year, meaning taking days off in the winter would mean going to school later in the spring/early summer. Some Lincoln residents argue that they would rather get the school days over with in the winter so that they will be done earlier and will be able to enjoy the warmer weather.

Overall, the topic of February break is still a debatable one in the Lincoln school system. In some previous years, the break has been shortened to only a few days instead of a full week. A compromise like this could possible be the future of the winter break. It is ultimately the district’s decision, so only time will tell if February break is here to stay or if it will be eliminated in years to come.