LHS Track Road to Glory

LHS Track Road to Glory

          Winter has arrived, signaling the start of winter sports at Lincoln High School. Among these sports, the Lincoln High School boys track team has already begun to make a name for themselves. Under the guidance of their new coach, Mr. Corey Gaskell, the team showcased their talent in their first co-ed meet, placing first in their heat and fifth overall in the 4×400 event. During yesterday’s varsity dual meet, I observed several standout runners, including Conor Johnson, Jayden Rodrigues, Carson Mellen, Finley Stebenne, and Angelo Lupo. Johnson delivered an impressive performance in the 600-meter race, finishing second in his heat and second overall with a time of 1:36. In the 4×200-meter dash, Carson and Jayden led the Lions to a second-place finish with an outstanding time of 1:40.43. Additionally, Finley Stebenne showcased his skills in the 300-meter dash, securing a commendable sixth place overall with a time of 41.29 seconds. Lastly, Angelo Lupo took the audience by storm with his exceptional sprinting in the 600-meter race, earning a time of 1:38 placing first in his heat and fifth overall.

What Obstacles Stand In Lincoln’s Way? 

          It can be confidently stated that Lincoln is undoubtedly one of the most skilled teams in the state. However, are there any challenges that may hinder their path to success? The response to this question is yes. When asked about their toughest opponent this season, star runner Conor Johnson expressed his opinion, stating, “Without a doubt, our most formidable adversary this season will be LaSalle. They possess an exceptionally talented team, comprising some of the most fierce runners in the state… I would say that the only weakness I have noticed on this team is that when we are doing workouts, not everyone does it with one hundred and ten effort. can affect each individual’s improvement because not participating in the workouts and giving it your all will not help you improve.”  

Lincoln’s Strengths

          Despite facing challenges on their journey to success, there is no doubt that Lincoln possesses numerous strengths that will lead them forward. Among these strengths, one notable aspect is the presence of Jayden Rodrigues, who is considered one of the top sprinters in the state.  In the first Dual Meet, Rodrigues secured the third position in his heat and achieved an impressive seven-second time, placing third overall in the 55-meter dash. Lincoln’s exceptional 4×400 team also showcased their prowess, securing second place overall in the first dual meet and claiming the top spot in their heat. The team, led by Conor Johnson, Reed Fortier, Mason Simao, and Anthony Damico, demonstrated their outstanding abilities. When asking head coach Corey Gaskol his team’s greatest strength, he replied “ I would say this year’s team’s biggest strength is the relationships people have with one another, everyone here gets along really well with one another and helps each other which is a big boost for the team.”  I then spoke with captain Mason Simao and asked him “What have you noticed about this year’s team that is different from last year’s team?” Simao responded, “One thing I have noticed is that this year’s team is a lot more connected with each other, this plays a big role in terms of performance because everyone cheers each other on and supports each other which goes a long way towards success.” It can be confidently stated that the collective bond among the members of Lincoln’s team will steer them towards achieving success.

What’s Next For Lincoln?

          It is safe to say that Lincoln’s team this year is quite impressive, but what is next for Lincoln may you ask? Lincoln has a lot of young talent on this year’s team that will guide them to success for years to come. Lincoln possesses two standout freshmen by the names of Rilsen Ramos and Conor Giguere, both of them have had very respectable performances in the recent varsity dual meet. Ramos participated in the 55-meter dash at RIIL Boys (week two) and ran a respectable 7.60 placing first in his heat and 17th overall and he is just a Freshman! Giguere also had a standout performance for a freshman running a 7.56 in the 55-meter dash during RIIL boys. These two freshmen will keep improving as the years go by and will help Lincoln dominate the track scene for years to come. 

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