Nostalgia in the Eyes of Our Journalists

Nostalgia in the Eyes of Our Journalists

Breanne Bouthilette on Dora the Explorer

Dora was my favorite childhood show for many reasons. I loved how interactive it was and how many adventures she had in each episode; it was as if she were my friend. She always made the best out of a bad situation and it taught me how to problem solve and it even taught me a little bit of Spanish as well. Overall the show made me want to learn more and kept my brain active. Instead of Dora being like other shows, it made learning interesting and fun.


Sydney Lees on Backyardigans

The characters in The Backyardigans are so lovable and relatable. Pablo is the energetic and imaginative penguin, Tyrone is the laid-back and adventurous moose, Uniqua is the spunky and creative creature, Tasha is the confident and strong-willed hippo, and Austin is the sweet and musical kangaroo. Each character brings their unique personality and talents to the group, creating a dynamic and fun-filled ensemble. The Backyardigans also teaches valuable life lessons along the way, like the importance of friendship, problem-solving, and embracing your imagination. The show encourages kids to think outside the box, use their creativity, and work together to achieve their goals. Overall, the Backyardigans is a delightful show that entertains, educates, and inspires. It’s a perfect blend of music, adventure, and life lessons that keeps viewers of all ages engaged and entertained. 


Emily Lutai on Barney and Friends

Whenever you’d hear the lyrics, “Barney is a Dinosaur of our Imagination….,” you would also hear tiny running footsteps making their way toward the song playing in the living room. Those footsteps were mine, the show Barney and Friends created an excitement in little me that no show ever did. I loved that each episode brought something new and it always felt like I was going on a new adventure each time I turned on the show. I loved to sing along to all the different songs, especially, “rain rain go away.”  The colorful characters in each storyline made it more appealing to me than it would any other little kid. The excitement and quest it brought me in each episode is what made it my favorite. 


Liana Torres on Go Diego Go

Go Diego Go was always my favorite go-to show as a kid. The adventures and thrill always kept me on my toes, there are specific episodes that are engraved in my mind and that are unforgettable. You always heard people talking about how Dora the Explorer was the best but I would always disagree. To this day the memories of me watching that show will always be memorable, and will always fill me with joy.


Paige Valedofsky on Rapunzel

Ever since I was in elementary school, my favorite princess has always been Rapunzel. I admire Rapunzel’s intelligence, courage, and ability to dream big. She has always been a role model for me, and I strive to achieve the qualities that Rapunzel demonstrates. Even though she has dealt with many struggles with her family, she still manages to be kind to others. Along with this, I love all of the Tangled songs, and I continue to listen to the soundtrack to this day. The soundtrack gives me a sense of nostalgia, and my favorite songs from the soundtrack are “I See the Light” and “I’ve Got a Dream.” Rapunzel has been with me since the beginning and has helped me grow into who I am today.


Alaina Arruda on Strawberry Shortcake

One of my favorite shows growing up was Strawberry Shortcake. I have a lot of fond memories of the show, including even dressing up as her for Halloween. Strawberry Shortcake is a show and movie about friends who all go on different adventures together. One involved working on a ranch together, and another was about saving sweet dreams from nightmares. As a kid, I was always watching this show because it was one of the only shows my younger sister also liked. So instead of fighting over something to watch, we agree on Strawberry Shortcake


Savanna Atstupenas on The Smurfs

My favorite show as a kid was definitely The Smurfs. The cartoon was one of the few shows that I enjoyed watching as a kid. I liked that the cartoons were older and were more pleasing to the eye. I remember waking up early to watch it on the weekends on my little box TV that had no remote and being so excited. The Smurfs is a classic, and I encourage students who have younger siblings to have them watch the old school, not the new movies. 


Maggie Melo on Peppa Pig

As a kid my favorite TV show to watch was Peppa Pig. For some reason it was just very amusing to me to watch tiny talking pigs. I remember liking the fact that Peppa had a baby brother because I did too. Alongside that it was always just something to look forward to watch every night before going to bed.  


Samantha Lees on Dora the Explorer

When we were little, we loved all types of shows, types of shows that we couldn’t wait to watch in the morning or after school. One of the popular shows out there when I was a kid was Dora, and that’s what I picked. Dora was an addicting show that people loved all around. It was a fun show with her monkey boots, who was also a very fun character, about adventures with boots and how she always needed her map. Dora is a show that is still watched still this day, but nothing better than the original Dora.


Cash Vincent on Adventure Time

I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that Adventure Time is probably the greatest cartoon of the modern era. During the golden age of Cartoon Network around the early- to mid- 2010s it was undeniable that Adventure Time reigned supreme over other shows. There was a certain fantastical depth to the show that, even though I couldn’t understand most of it until I got older, really added to the show overall. The way the show evolves from just another fantasy cartoon in season one to a multi-layered drama was seamless. With the introduction of The Litch around season three, the show got darker with more intense plot lines. For the longest time, Adventure Time was the top show on Cartoon Network (before Teen Titans Go took over all the show times). Watching it really evoked a sense of wonder from the watcher because it had such an original concept. Pen Ward’s Adventure Time is truly a show that lives on as one of the greatest things committed to animation.  


Hallie Harris on Friends

When I was younger I never really had a favorite kids tv show or character. I was your stereotypical little girl who loved Barbie, Hello Kitty, Lalaloopsy and all Disney channel shows. But I would always spend time with my grandma so naturally I would end up watching her shows like, Everybody Loves Raymond or The Andy Griffith Show. My favorites that she always had were Friends and Golden Girls. By six I was singing both theme songs for fun. I can say now Friends is my all-time favorite tv show, and I still watch it to this day. I always wanted to have Rachel’s style, and Phoebe and Chandler were so funny. Ross and Monica are such an iconic sibling duo and then there’s Joey. What’s not to love about Joey? This show turned into my comfort show and it is one of the only things that will never get old to me. Rewatching every episode is like seeing it for the first time again and every joke just hits no matter what. As for Golden Girls, I aspire to have a friend group like theirs. Where no matter what age you are you always have your best friends and thrive together. Friends however is definitely my nostalgia show. I will always love it and it just brings back such happy memories from when I was younger. 

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