Bus Strike threatens Transportation for Students


Collin Greer, Lion´s Roar Staff

     In the coming days, it may become impossible for some kids to get to school. This is because of a strike going on with the bus company that many school districts in Rhode Island regularly deal with, First Student. First Student faces a strike from their workers in Lincoln, Cranston, and West Warwick, who are demanding a raise in their wages, and a guarantee of 30 hours of work per week. Bus driver Lorene Hamel said, “Right now, we are guaranteed 20 hours per week, which doesn’t generate enough income to support an individual, let alone a family…While we do not do this work to become rich, we deserve to make livable wages.” Speaking to WPRI 12, Frank McMahon, a spokesperson for First Student, said that after nine meetings with the union, they’re bringing in a federal mediator and the first meeting is scheduled for Wednesday.


     So, what does this mean for Lincoln? 


     Well, this strike would certainly have an impact on Lincoln students. For students whose only way of getting to school is the bus, they will likely have to attend classes virtually. Those who don’t depend on buses for transportation will be unaffected, however. It is unknown how long the strike will last, it could be anywhere from one day to several weeks or even months. Negotiations between First Student and their drivers have been going on since June, and since then, clearly, no meaningful progress has been made. This may be an indication that this strike may go on for quite some time.